Innovation toward

new horizons.



new horizons.

We aim to lead a new wave in the global medical field
by continuous research, development and cooperation.

HILZO stents

Another sunrise is

yet to come


sunrise is

yet to come

Through our patient-oriented technology, we seek to create the most innovative
Self-Expandable Metallic Stents that not only work well but can also make
patients discover a hopeful new day: another sunrise in life.


PTFE Covered Stents

Being silicone the most widely used material as a stent cover,
at BCM we have spent years in search of a more resistant cover,
one that allows the stent to be smoothly removed. PTFE was our answer.


for Stent-in-stent technique

The stenting techniques are turning more and more complicated.
With a unique weaving method in some of our products,
multiple stent-in-stent placements are now more accessible
either in the bile duct or duodenum.

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Our team is

always ready

to assist you

Whether product information or local distributor contact info,
our team will be pleased to help you

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